Antiques Roadshow seller staggered by value of incredibly rare pistols that he didn’t pay a penny for

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AN Anqtiques Roadshow seller was left stunned by the value of his incredibly rare pistols that he didn’t pay a penny for.

Last night’s instalment of the BBC One show saw expert Robert Tilney meet a male guest who was intrigued to find out how much he would get for his vintage guns.


An Antiques Roadshow guest was left gobsmacked by the true value of his guns[/caption]

Expert Robert – who is a master gunsmith and a Law Society Expert Witness on Firearms and Ballistics – was ecstatic when the guest put his pistols out on the table.

He asked the guest how he got his hands on the “perfect example of pistols,” to which the man replied: “I exchanged them for some watches that I was collecting…

“It was just a swap, no money changed hands, but I’ve had them and enjoyed them over that period of time.”

Robert went onto explain that the guns were made by Westley Richards, and was very impressed that all the original finishes were there.


Expert Robert Tilney was in his element as he explained everything he knew about the pistols[/caption]


He described them as a “perfect example of pistols”[/caption]

He explained: “The original varnish is there. I suspect that these pistols were bought from Westley Richards, they were put in their box and there they have sat.”

As he pulled the trigger, he explained that the guns are a pair of percussions and were only designed for one purpose.

The guest asked: “So when do you think they were made, what date would you put on them?”

Robert explained: “I would put them round about the 1840s.


Rovert explained they were made in the 1840s[/caption]

“It’s at the end of the period of single-shot pistols because remember by 1851 Colt had come over with the Colt Navy Revolver.”

The master gunsmith then put the man out of his misery and told him how much they were worth.

He continued: “If you had to go and translate these into money £8,000 to £10,000.

“They are just the most fabulous, fabulous pair of pistols.”


Robert explained that they were worth £8,000 to £10,000[/caption]

Despite the whopping offer, the man wasn’t interested in the money.

Speaking to the camera after his segment, the guest explained: “They were a little more than I thought, so I’m very pleased.

“I did have a very small collection of guns, which I have now sold over the years and I’ve just retained these as they were by far the nicest guns that I’ve ever owned.

“So I have them and I do intend on keeping them.”


The guest decided to keep his pistols[/caption]

It comes after another guest was left speechless after he was told the true value of his incredible gold mining brooch collection.

The guest had travelled to Australia and decided to go looking for some “golden nuggets,” and ended up with a very impressive range.

Expert Kate Flitcroft told the guest: “You’ve put together an amazing collection of jewellery.

“I think today at auction for the brooches you’d be looking at £10-15,000 as a total.”

“And for the ring, I’d say £3-5,000 so in total here about £13,000 to 20,000.”

The man reacted with surprise before beaming and saying: “Wow. That’s brilliant.”

Antiques Roadshow airs on Sundays at 7pm on BBC One.


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