Capitol riot video shows crowd chanting ‘USA!’ brutally striking cop with Trump flag, signs, and crutches

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THE shocking moment when a cop was brutally attacked with flags, signs, and crutches at the Capitol Hill riot by a mob chanting “USA!” was caught on video.

Crazed rioters were seen on video near a side entrance of the Capitol building in Washington, DC, on Wednesday.

Crazed rioters were seen on video near a side entrance of the Capitol building on Wednesday
A crowd was heard chanting ‘USA!’ as the chaotic incident unfolded

A 45-second clip, showing the chaotic incident, was shared to Twitter on Sunday and has since obtained more than one million views.

In the horrifying video, a police officer appeared to be dragged, trampled on, and hit with crutches.

The cop also was seen getting pummeled with a large American flag.

It is unclear whether the footage is of fallen US Capitol Officer Brian D Sicknick, who died on duty when Trump supporters broke into the Capitol around 1pm on Wednesday.

The police officer appeared to be dragged down stairs and beaten

Crazed rioters were seen outside the Capitol building on Wednesday, January 6[/caption]

It also appeared as other police officers had been attempting to help their colleague as the attack ensued.

Some news outlets and social media users are speculating that the police officer getting attacked in the video is a Metro DC officer.

About 24 seconds into the footage, someone is heard in the background yelling: “Get that motherf***er out of there! Take him out!”

The footage began circulating on social media in the aftermath of the deaths of two US Capitol police officers.


Trump supporters made their way inside the Capitol building after breaching security[/caption]


Rioters clashed with police outside the Capitol building on Wednesday[/caption]


Some protesters climbed the building’s walls[/caption]

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Fans of President Donald Trump forced their way into the US Capitol on January 6[/caption]

Hundreds of people were outside the Capitol building in a bid to prevent Congress from certifying Joe Biden’s presidential victory.

Following the madness, authorities discovered Molotov cocktails, guns, and bombs in the Capitol area.

The riot led to more than 50 people sustaining injuries and a handful of tragic deaths.

“Selfless” Howard Liebengood, 51, an officer for the United States Capitol Police (USCP), passed away on Saturday while off-duty – three days after serving on the front line during the shocking Capitol riots.


Capitol Police Officer Howard Liebengood died on January 9, 2021 – just days after the Capitol riots[/caption]


US Capitol Police officer Brian Sicknick, 40, died of head injuries sustained while engaging with rioters at the Capitol on Wednesday [/caption]

His death followed Sicknick – who was fatally hurt in a clash with MAGA rioters on Wednesday and returned to his division office where he later collapsed.

Sicknick succumbed to his injuries around 9.30pm on Thursday, January 7, the US Capitol Police confirmed.

In regards to Liebengood, two people familiar with the matter told The Associated Press, his death was an apparent suicide.

It was not clear whether Liebengood’s death was connected to Wednesday’s events, despite the officer being one of several cops who responded to the riots inside the Senate.

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Capital police react after the hearse with Sicknick’s casket passed by on Sunday[/caption]

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The hearse with Sicknick’s casket is seen near the Capitol building on Sunday[/caption]

AP also reports that officials were not authorized to discuss the matter publicly and spoke on condition of anonymity.

Gus Papanthanasiou, union chairman for Capitol Police, confirmed Officer Liebengood was among the cops who responded to the riots.

He added: “This is the second death of a USCP Officer in just two days, with the passing of Officer Brian D. Sicknick on Thursday evening from injuries sustained while on duty during the assault on the Capitol on January 6th.

“We also mourn the recent death of Officer Eric Marshall who died on January 2, 2021 fighting cancer. Their lives and service will not be forgotten.”

On Sunday, Trump released a proclamation to honor Sicknick and Liebengood – ordering flags to be flown at half-staff.

Meanwhile, senior law enforcement officials told NBC News that the New York City Police Department and the FBI informed Capitol Police about the likelihood of violence during Wednesday’s protests.

According to the report, the FBI visited at least 12 extremists and attempted to persuade them not to go to Washington, DC, for the protests.

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