Capitol riots – Viewers think Trump fan ‘Elizabeth from Knoxville’ dabbed eyes with ONION ‘hinting riot was planned’

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FOOTAGE of pro-Trump Capitol rioter “Elizabeth from Knoxville” appearing to dab her eyes with an onion hidden in a towel has led to speculation the building breach may have been planned.

Elizabeth Koch, from Tennessee, was interviewed in a now-viral video for Yahoo News where she spoke to White House correspondent Hunter Walker as she was leaving the Capitol. 


A Trump fan who appeared to dab an onion in her eye while claiming cops maced her has led to speculation the riots were ‘planned’[/caption]


Rioters stormed the Capitol on Wednesday[/caption]


‘Elizabeth from Knoxville’ went viral after claiming she was maced as she tried to force her way into the Capitol[/caption]

With eyes red from tears the 31-year-old said she was maced by an officer as she tried to storm the Capitol. 

In the video, Koch says: “I made it like a foot inside and they pushed me out and they maced me.” 

When challenged on why she was forcing her way into the building, the protester shouts: “Because we’re storming the Capitol. It’s a revolution.” 

But after the video went viral, social media users noticed a pale circular object in her hand – which looked strangely like an onion in a towel -sparking speculation she had rubbed her eyes with the vegetable on purpose. 

One observer wrote: “She’s got an onion in a towel and she’s rubbing it in her eye. Are you sure she was sprayed?”

Another queried: “Why is she holding AN ONION!!! In that towel and rubbing it in her eye!?!” 


MAGA Trump supporters forced their way into the Capitol building after Trump branded the US election ‘b***s***’ [/caption]

AP:Associated Press

Some have speculated the riots were planned[/caption]


Five people died after the shocking scenes on Wednesday[/caption]

The discovery prompted others to speculate that the protests could have been planned, as some protesters believe “onions help the eyes after you’ve been pepper sprayed or maced or whatever”.

The suggestion is that protesters could have arrived primed in onions to counter pepper spray deployed by police – something that wouldn’t have been necessary if only peaceful protests were planned.

“The idea is that the onion protects against the pepper spray. They honestly tell each other that,” one social media user explained. 

Palestinian protesters have reported used onions among a multitude of other defences in the past to try and protect themselves from tear gas.

Many dismissed claims by someone claiming to be Ms Koch’s relative that the item was a piece of ice. 

One replied: “Sorry but that’s a pretty f****** big, onion-coloured piece of ice.”

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