Cleaning expert reveals how to get rid of Christmas stains from cranberry sauce to gravy & the secret is talcum powder

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NOW that Christmas is over for another year the massive clean up can begin, but if you’ve spilled food all over your favourite festive jumper fear not as help is at hand. 

A cleaning expert has revealed how to get rid of common festive stains – including from on your sofa if you’ve been sat in front of the telly today eating leftovers. 

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If you’ve spent the day cleaning up without luck – help is at hand [/caption]


Laundry expert Deyan Dimitrov, CEO of Laundryheap, told Fabulous that talcum powder is key to shifting a nasty stain – gravy. 

Deyan said that often the sauce will leave a “greasy residue” which can make it hard to clean, so you need to start by wiping off an excess with a kitchen towel or dishcloth. 

He said: “Then you’re going to need some talcum powder. Leave the talcum powder on the stain for around 15-20 minutes so the powder can absorb the grease. 

“Then, take a clean damp cloth and hot soapy water and work the soapy mixture into the stain to remove.

Deyan shared his top tips to shift the most common Christmas stains

“Your item will now be ready to be laundered in the machine to remove any excess.” 

Cranberry sauce

While this may be crucial to making your meat juicy and flavourful, it can be a pain if you drop some on your trousers.

For this sauce you’ll need a spoon – but not to eat it with. 

Deyan said: “Although it’s the perfect accompaniment to your Christmas turkey, cranberry sauce doesn’t sit so well on your clothes. 

“To get rid of this tricky stain, start by removing the excess product with a spoon: don’t dab at it with a paper towel as this could work the stain into your garment even further. 

“Then, add white vinegar to the stain to break it down. Finally, work in some baking soda with a warm, damp cloth.”

Finally, bung it in the wash to get the last of the stain out. 

A cup of Bailey’s can leave horrendous stains and a nasty, boozy smell if spilled onto clothes



Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without a few drinks, but you can end up spilling your glass after a few. 

Bailey’s is the ultimate festive tipple but the creamy liquid can be hard to shift if you end up with it down your front. 

Deyan admitted this drink can leave “horrendous” stains. 

He said: “A cup of Bailey’s can leave horrendous stains and a nasty, boozy smell if spilled onto clothes. 

“An easy way to get rid of Bailey’s stains is to start by blotting the fabric and running the stain under cold water to loosen the residue, then take a damp cloth and some dish soap and begin to dab the stain.”

He advised copying this as many times as needed until you’ve got most of the Bailey’s out.

You then need to pop into the washing machine – but avoid tumble drying it. 

Deyan’s top cleaning tip

If you have a stain that’s incredibly hard to erase, we’d recommend using a homemade all-purpose formula of white vinegar, soda crystals and warm water.

Simply combine one part white vinegar to one part soda crystals and add in warm water to a mixing bottle and spray onto the stain.

This formula is less toxic than regular stain removers but works just as well, if not better!

This can be used on all types of stains and fabrics and is relatively cheap to make.

Hot chocolate 

Another popular drink – particularly with children – is hot chocolate, but this too can leave a big mess if it spills on fabric. 

Deyan advises to start by blotting the stain with kitchen paper, then grab your washing up liquid. 

He said: “Hot chocolate can sometimes be difficult to get rid of, especially if the stain gets embedded in the fibres of your clothes. 

“Start by blotting the stain with some kitchen paper. Then add some washing up liquid to the stain. 

“Work in the washing-up liquid with a warm damp cloth until the stain starts to lift. Rinse the stain under a warm tap to loosen any residue and repeat the process.”

Finally – pop it in the washing machine to get the last of the stain out. 

Don’t leave the item in the washing bin as this means the stain will become dry and difficult to remove


Mulled wine

Wine is another Christmas dinner staple, but we all know how hard it can be to clean up – especially the mulled version. 

Deyan says it’s one of the “toughest stains to remove”, and it can leave a “dark brown residue which can leave a particularly strong smell, too!”

He says you’ve got to act quick if you’ve spilled this festive drink – don’t simply chuck it in your washing basket. 

Deyan said: “The trick here is to move fast! Don’t leave the item in the washing bin as this means the stain will become dry and difficult to remove. 

“Put some white wine vinegar on the stain right away and dab dry with a tea towel or kitchen paper. Then, with a warm cloth, work in a drop of washing up liquid. Finally, add baking soda and a little more white vinegar. 

“The mixture should start fizzing, which means it’s getting to work! Leave your concoction on the stain for 15 minutes and rinse under cool water. 

“The stain should be looking much better. Now the item will now be ready to go in the washing machine.”

If you’ve got any of these on your sofa, which sadly you can’t bung in the wash, Deyan advises to grab some warm water and a cloth. 

He added: “Dampen the cloth in the water and apply some white vinegar to the stain directly on the sofa. Then simply work in the vinegar with a warm damp cloth. 

“This will start to release the stain from the sofa and once the sofa has dried, the vinegar smell will evaporate.”

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