Dani Dyer fights back tears as she hates seeing baby son Santi in pain from jabs

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DANI Dyer revealed she fought back tears today as baby son Santi had his jabs.

The 24-year-old struggled to watch her little boy get his injections at the doctors, telling fans she “hates seeing him in pain”.

Dani Dyer’s son Santi has his second set of injections today

Sharing a picture of Santi looking cosy wrapped in blankets, she wrote: “Oh, my beautiful boy had his second lot of his jabs today.

“The constant crying hasn’t started yet. I’m hoping this time around that he will be okay.

“I had to hold back tears when she injected him. I just love him so much and hate seeing him in pain.”

It’s been a doubly testing day for Dani, after her boyfriend Sammy Kimmence pleaded guilty to fraud in a mammoth £34k scam of the elderly.

The reality TV star’s rep exclusively told us “they are still together” when asked if the mum-of-one was continuing to support him following his last-minute plea change in court today.


Dani said she hates seeing him in pain[/caption]


Dani Dyer has vowed to ‘stand by’ partner Sammy Kimmence after he pleaded guilty to fraud[/caption]

A source close to Dani, 24, was first to affirm our statement, and added to us: “She’s vowed to stand by him, he’s the father of her baby.”

Today it was revealed Sammy faces jail after he pleaded guilty to fraud at Portsmouth Crown Court.

The TV star’s partner admitted to posing as a financial investor to scam two pensioners out of £34,000.

It is not suggested that Dani was involved or knew anything about her partner’s wrongdoing.


Dani’s rep exclusively told The Sun Online the pair are ‘still together’ after Sammy’s last-minute plea change[/caption]

The 25-year-old duped Peter Martin, 90, and Peter Haynes, 80, after persuading the vulnerable pensioners to allow him to invest their money for them.

His victims were said to have been clients at a legitimate investment company where Kimmence previously worked.

Portsmouth Crown Court heard Kimmence took the clients on when the business stopped operating, falsely claiming he was authorised to provide financial services.

Now Kimmence, who pleaded not guilty to all the charges last week, faces a possible prison sentence after a last minute change of plea this morning


Amateur footballer Sammy, 24, now faces a possible prison sentence[/caption]


The couple welcomed their first child, son Santiago, in January[/caption]

The judge warned him his offences were so serious he could be sent to jail when he is sentenced on June 11.

Kimmence, from Essex, pleaded guilty to five counts of fraud, totalling £33,919.

Standing in the dock dressed in a black suit with a blue tie, he spoke only to confirm his name and plead guilty to each charge.

The court heard Kimmence, used one of his victims’ bank cards to withdraw more than £1,200 for himself and also racked up credit card charges of more than £1,300.


Today stockbroker Sammy pleaded guilty to five counts of fraud, totalling £33,919[/caption]

Gary Stone – The Sun

It is not suggested that Dani knew anything about his illegal activities[/caption]

He also admitted to getting Mr Martin to transfer him £22,912 on one occasion, and £400 on another. He conned Mr Haynes in a similar way out of £7,927.

Mr Martin died in November last year aged 91, while Mr Haynes suffers from Alzheimer’s.

Kimmence and Dani live a lavish lifestyle, sharing a £725k home in Essex, and posting about trips to Ibiza and expensive spa days on social media.

Craig Harris, defending, said of Kimmence: “He is a relatively young man of previous good character, the offences go back into his late teenage years.


Dani and Sammy recently moved into a huge new pad in the Essex countryside[/caption]

The stylish property has five bedrooms to cater to their expanding family

“This is a case that crosses the custodial threshold but might be within a range which I argue could be suspended.

“Quite a lot has gone into this young man’s life in the last few years.

“He is seeking to reimburse the losses he has caused.”

Kimmence is a 24-year-old stockbroker and amateur footballer from Essex – he plays for Barkingside FC.


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