Hailee Steinfeld admits she’s ‘going crazy’ as she remains in lockdown with parents but admits she’s ‘grown’ as a person

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HAILEE Steinfeld admitted she is “going crazy” as she goes into her 10th month of lockdown with her parents in their Los Angeles home. 

However, the 24-year-old singer and actress acknowledged that although this year has been tough, she has “grown a lot” as a person.

Phoebe Dynevor

The singer and actress graced the digital cover of Glamour UK this month[/caption]


Hailee admitted to ‘going crazy’ during quarantine with her family [/caption]


Hailee has spent lockdown with mom, Cheri and dad, Peter[/caption]

The Pitch Perfect star graced the digital cover of Glamour UK this month and opened up about her mental health from her LA abode. 

Hailee has been in quarantine with mom, Cheri, an interior designer, and dad Peter, a personal trainer – who built a home gym on the property.

Her older brother, Griffin – who is a professional car racer – has also stayed at the pad with his family. 

The Oscar-nominated child actor told the magazine: “I’ve gone through phases where I’m either going crazy or I’m not. 


Hailee’s mom is an interior designer while her dad is a personal trainer[/caption]


The star’s brother is a professional race car driver [/caption]

“I hadn’t had this kind of time since before I started working when I was young, so I feel like I’ve grown a lot as a person – emotionally and mentally.”

She went on to say she’s taken the time to “take care” of herself in ways she “couldn’t do on the road.”

“I’ve never given myself the opportunity to reflect and appreciate how far I have come. 

“I wasn’t aware of that before, so I do feel more confident and comfortable in my own skin and in my life,” she proudly boasted.


The star has remained at her LA home with family during the lockdown [/caption]


The stars personal trainer dad built the family a home gym [/caption]

After working in Hollywood consistently since she was just 13, Hailee said this year’s break has helped her “learn a lot” about herself. 

The Let Me Go songstress stated: “I have learned how to just shut everything off and put the outside voices on pause by turning devices off.

“Whether I’m writing music, reading or going for a walk, I’ve done so many more things by myself that I’d never felt comfortable doing alone before.

“I’ve realized, there’s a difference between being lonely and being alone. I’ve learned that being alone isn’t a bad thing, and it can actually be really great.”


The stunning brunette has posted sexy snaps in her home during lockdown [/caption]


Hailee had to film press for her various projects at home during the pandemic [/caption]

The Dickinson star is currently promoting the second season of her hit Apple+ series – where she portrays legendary writer, Emily Dickinson.

She spoke of her connection to the famed poet – who struggled with years of hardship and mental struggles of her own before she died at age 55 in 1886.

“I’ve reminded myself in certain situations, ‘If Emily Dickinson got through this in her time, there’s no way I can’t get through it in mine.’

Hailee plays famed writer Emily Dickinson in the Apple+ series

Dickinson also stars rapper Wiz Khalifa[/caption]

“Playing this character crosses into every crevice of your brain’s thoughts. There are some that are confusing, some you would call strange and there are others that are dark and scary. 

“In her poetry, she talks about everything that goes through that brain of hers, from demons to murder, the grave, death itself to nature, butterflies and bees. 

“It’s been fun to dig into those small spaces in my brain, because she talks about what a lot of people are afraid to and that you don’t even want to think about when you’re in a room by yourself. 

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Hailee said she took her first career break during lockdown this year[/caption]

“I’ve had a lot of moments of self-discovery in that,” she concluded to the British publication. 

Season 2 of Dickinson – which has already been renewed for season 3 – premieres January 8 on Apple+.

Read the full interview in the GLAMOUR UK December Digital Issue available online now.

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