Katie Price’s boyfriend Carl Woods tells fans on family walk ‘call the police’ after being accused of breaking lockdown

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KATIE Price’s boyfriend Carl Woods told fans “call the police” as they enjoyed a family day out after the couple were accused of breaking lockdown earlier this month.

The couple dodged a Covid fine following their Valentine’s Day trip earlier this month, and Katie’s boyfriend couldn’t resist daring fans to call the police on them again as they headed out into the countryside yesterday.


Carl Woods and Katie Price were accused of breaking lockdown on Valentine’s Day[/caption]

Carl, 32, mocked those who reported the couple to cops on Valentine’s weekend after they drove five hours from Essex to Shropshire for a romantic getaway.

And the ex-Love Island star couldn’t resist taking the Mick out of trolls on Instagram who might have questioned the couple’s whereabouts again or were tracking their every move.

He filmed Katie and her daughter Bunny in the countryside, trotting along ahead of him on their horses, while Katie’s son Jett peddled his bike next to Carl and his dog.

Showing fans their sunny excursion, Carl finished his Instagram Story with a sarcastic quip.

Katie headed out into the countryside yesterday with Carl and her kids, but her boyfriend couldn’t resist daring fans to call the police again

He said: “Just a quick one, I just wondered if anyone out there would like to call the police and tell em that we’re out on a dog walk?

“Cos a lot of you seem to enjoy doing that. So let us know!”

Carl and Katie came under fire after they claimed they’d spent Valentine’s Day in a ‘love cabin’ in his back garden.

However, the pair appeared to be staying at the luxury cottages at Henlle Hall, the same place they visited with the family at Christmas.

The ex Love Islander mocked fans on Instagram

They were seen driving away from the accommodation – about a five-hour drive from their home – today in a white BMW.

A spokesperson for Katie, 42, confirmed they were interviewed by police at the time.

They said: “The Shropshire Police have confirmed they are satisfied after questioning that both Miss Price and Carl Woods were there for legitimate business purposes.

“No fines were issued.”


Carl and Katie dodged a fine following their Valentine’s Day trip[/caption]

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