Kodak Black Shows off New “Trump Ties” Bling

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Kodak Black

Less than a month after being pardoned by former President Trump, Rapper Kodak Black is showing some love to the polarizing former politician with a jaw-dropping piece of jewelry.

In an interview with Fat Joe on his Instagram, Kodak Black appeared with his attorney Brad Cohen to talk about the pardon process. When Fat Joe asked Kodak if he thought he was going to get a pardon, Kodak replied that “everything played out how it’s supposed to” even as Cohen interjected that he had his doubts about the possibility of a pardon.

Kodak described some of his own personal fears and doubts with his own legal future before saying that “everything [is] gucci” shortly before showing off a blinged out diamond-encrusted ring that is engraved with the word “Trump Ties” on one side, his “date of emancipation” (pardon date) on the other side, and what appears to be an eagle on top

As for the rapper’s future? In addition to working on new music, Cohen briefly spoke on the fact that he and Kodak are interested in continuing their work on prison reform- with politicians from both sides of the aisle.

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