Kylie Jenner shares adorable Halloween throwback with sister Kendall and mom Kris Jenner after violent fight on KUWTK

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KYLIE Jenner has shared an adorable Halloween throwback snap with sister Kendall and mom Kris Jenner after her violent fight on KUWTK.

The photo shows Kylie and Kendall dressed up as pirates alongside their mom, who wears black thigh high boots and an 18th century style pirates hat.


Kylie shared an adorable throwback snap [/caption]

Kylie posted the picture on her Instagram story after she and sister Kendall came to blows in Thursday night’s episode of KUWTK

Kendall sobbed as she claimed Kylie “stabbed her in the neck with a heel”.

Kris Jenner’s longtime boyfriend, Corey Gamble, was in the middle of the brawl and the supermodel claimed he told her to “f**k off” as the tour manager “took Kylie’s side.”

The huge blowout happened as the family was supposed to be bonding during a weekend getaway to the California desert on tonight’s episode of KUWTK

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Kendall sobbed on Thursday’s episode of KUTWK as she claimed her sister ‘stabbed her in the neck with a heel’[/caption]

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Tensions were already high as Kendall accused Kylie of ‘stealing’ her outfit [/caption]

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The duo fought at their house over the wardrobe[/caption]

Tensions were already high between the youngest sisters of the Kardashian-Jenner clan as Kendall, 24, accused Kylie, 23, of “stealing” her outfit. 

The duo fought at their house over the wardrobe, and the fashion icon screamed that the Kyle Cosmetics mogul “ruined her f**king night.” 

Despite the disagreement, the family all went out to watch a drag show however, Kendall decided to sleep in the car outside while everyone else enjoyed the entertainment inside. 

After the show ended, Kendall wanted to go back to LA and got into the car with Kylie – who had been drinking all night after she did shots with Corey.

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Kylie and Corey did shots before their night out[/caption]

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The family all went out to watch a drag show[/caption]

As Kris and daughters KimKourtney and Khloe Kardashian went into a separate SUV to go back to their Palm Springs abode, the other car with Kendall, Kylie and Corey was supposed to go back to the city

However, just minutes later, the family matriarch gets a phone call that heard her youngest two girls high-pitched screaming at each other. 

Kendall and Kylie’s vehicle did not appear to have a camera inside as only the fight’s audio was captured.

“Corey, I’m not getting in a f**king random Escalade by myself,” Kendall shouted at her mom’s boyfriend.

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Khloe, Kourtney, Kris and Kim listened from a separate car as the fight occurred[/caption]

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The model got into the car with her mom and sisters after the brawl [/caption]

The makeup businesswoman yelled that “no one promised” to take Kendall to her house in Beverly Hills.  

Both sisters continued to scream at each other before Kendall slammed Corey with shocking allegations

“This man is wild! He really just said ‘f**k you’ to me,” she said on the phone. 

Shortly after, the vehicle carrying Kris, Kourtney, Kim and Khloe pulled up at a gas station that saw Kendall sitting on the side of the road. 

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The supermodel claimed that Corey told her ‘f**k you’[/caption]

The reality star is completely distraught as she gets into the car with her mom and siblings and promised: “I will never speak to Kylie ever again.”

She sobs as she described Corey wanting her out of the car after asking to be dropped off at her home. 

“Corey was like, ‘Stop the car, let’s get Kendall another car.’ Umm… no. Why would I drive all the way by myself?” She asked of the two-hour trip. 

Khloe agreed, and blasted: ”That’s not his place to dictate that!”

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Kylie said she ‘only remembers’ Corey breaking up the fight [/caption]

Kendall continued: “Then I said, ‘Corey, shut up! You’re not even trying to be helpful. You want me out of this car.’ 

“And then Corey, said ‘f**k you’ and turns around to the front. I said, ‘f**k you? You’re going to say f**k you?’

“That’s when I started getting hysterical,” she said. 

After Kendall claimed her sister took Corey’s side, she then said Kylie “smacked me.”

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Kendall vowed to never speak to her sister again[/caption]

“So I came back at her and smacked her in the face and then she took her heel and put it into my neck. 

“So then I started kicking her back. And we got in a full fight,” she admitted. 

She appeared visibly upset as she said: “The fact that my sister, my blood, was reacting that way, it’s so upsetting.”

Kendall shared that she “never” would have thought either Corey or Kylie would be “capable of taking it to that level with me.”

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The Kardashian family[/caption]

Stormi’s mom said all she remembers Corey doing is “trying to break us up” before saying the dramatic encounter was caused by “a lot of miscommunication.”

While the older sisters appeared stunned and did their best to help, Kim, 39, admitted that the situation involving her mom’s boyfriend makes everything “more complicated.”

“I just feel bad for my mom. She’s just stuck in the middle of this and doesn’t know how to navigate this. It really sucks,” the KKW founder said in a confessional. 

Earlier in the episode, Corey praised Kylie for being the daughter he “loves” the most in the famous family and admitted Kendall is the person he is the “least close” with.


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