Line of Duty’s Nigel Boyle hinted Buckells was H back in 2017 saying ‘there’s more to him than meets the eye’

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LINE of Duty’s Nigel Boyle hinted Ian Buckells was H back in 2017 saying ‘there’s more to him than meets the eye’.

Fans of the hit BBC crime drama were left shocked on Sunday night when the bungling bent copper was revealed as the mysterious ‘H’.

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Line of Duty’s Nigel Boyle hinted Ian Buckells was one to watch back in 2017[/caption]

Many viewers were incredulous at the revelation, but Nigel hinted his character could be one to watch way back in 2017.

Speaking to Digital Spy during series four, Nigel said: “There’s definitely more to Buckells than meets the eye!”

While Nigel may not have known at this point what creator Jed Mercurio had in store for his character, his description of Buckells at that point in time certainly foresaw what he was to become.

He continued: “He’s very competent, very good at what he does, he’s the go-to guy, but he’s certainly not a popular guy – he’s petulant, and a bit of a jobsworth I think.


Buckells appeared in series one and four of the show before returning in series six[/caption]


In a 2017 interview he said there was more to his character “than meets the eye”[/caption]

“I don’t think people give him enough credit, just because of his personality!”

Anti-corruption chief, Supt Ted Hastings, played by Adrian Dunbar, seemed to sum up how Buckells’ colleagues and viewers saw him in Sunday’s finale.

During Buckells’ 12-minute grilling by AC-12, he said: “All the time we were sitting here thinking we were chasing a criminal mastermind, but no….your corruption was mistaken for incompetence.

“As you made your way up through the ranks there wasn’t anything that you wouldn’t turn your hand to as long as the price was right, that’s the top and bottom of it.


Viewers were shocked to discover he was in fact H[/caption]

“You rose through the ranks alright, leaving a trail of blunders behind you, how some people can fail upwards beggars belief.”

Buckells demanded immunity and a new identity but the AC-12 trio pointed out that failing to answer their questions would make him ineligible for witness protection – but answering would make him ineligible for immunity from prosecution.

“No-one makes mugs of AC-12,” said Hastings as the three finally got their man after six years.

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