Mark Selby accused of ‘gamesmanship’ by Stuart Bingham as he wins World Championship semi to set up Shaun Murphy final

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MARK SELBY was accused of “gamesmanship” tactics and “disrespect” by Stuart Bingham following an unprecedented marathon semi-final.

And there was controversy in the other final-four clash with Shaun Murphy having to defend his showmanship tactics against vanquished Kyren Wilson.


Stuart Bingham was not happy with Mark Selby during their semi-final[/caption]

The Leicester Jester finished off the winner 17-15 in a Betfred World Snooker Championship match which last more than 12 HOURS.

The tie had to be hauled off because it overran – the first time it has happened in a Crucible semi-final – and the pair returned to the baize at 9.20pm after Murphy’s 17-12 win.

Grinder Selby had been warned of slow play by the ref on Friday night and he adopted his usual methodical style of play to progress.

Qualifier Bingham, 38, said: “It was gruelling. It’s tough to lose a close game like that.

“Funnily enough, it’s the same sort of player, time in, time out, who plays slow. Does he do it on purpose or what?

“I want a free-flowing game. Everyone knows there was one shot which took three minutes. It’s close to gamesmanship.

“I thought he had more respect but to celebrate before game ball, well I lost a bit of respect. I wouldn’t do that. I don’t expect anyone else to do it. It has put a sour taste in the mouth.”

No.4 seed Selby, 37, playing in a fifth world final, responded: “It was only one or two shots. I wouldn’t do gamesmanship. Not everyone can play like Ronnie O’Sullivan.


“I had one shot where I had brain freeze, the average shot was the same, 28 seconds, so he cannot really call me too slow.”

Today and tomorrow, with £500,000 on the line, Selby will face Murphy, who reached a fourth world final in a brilliant comeback victory.

The Magician made many balls disappear, coming from 10-4 down in a topsy-turvy match.

Murphy, 38, had magnificent success with his long-potting and was fired-up, fist pumping at key points in the match.

At one stage, he departed by waving to crowd like he was an actor coming off a West End stage following an award-winning performance.

Seven-time Crucible King Stephen Hendry was not impressed, saying the jubilant antics were untoward given there was still a job to do and plenty of frames remaining.


Stuart Binham was not happy with the time Mark Selby took to take his shots[/caption]

Murphy, who reeled off breaks of 78, 91, 117, 77 and 58 in a row, said: “It’s a thrill to be in another final.

“Footballers celebrate after every goal, golfers do it after holing a putt. It’s not a massive deal.

“I’m one of those players who need the crowd, the 12th man interaction and I’m a lesser player without it.

“I wouldn’t say the crowd are the reason I have played so well.

“We’re in the entertainment business, everyone wants to see a good show, it is our job to put one on. We are in a theatre and this is a show – it wasn’t designed to annoy him or put him off.

“There is much more to winning major snooker events in front of live audiences than hitting a snooker ball. Maybe that’s a stone Kyren hasn’t looked under yet.”

Fellow Northamptonshire potter Wilson, 29, said: “It looked a bit silly, it is not for me.

“Shaun has to do what he can to try to get to me. It was a tactic to get to me. It is an adult’s sport and you have to take the rough with the smooth.

“Fair play to him, he used his experience and is a great champion. It made me chuckle and didn’t bother me. It didn’t put me off.

“But I’m holding myself back from throwing this microphone out of the window. I am raging, I came here to win the tournament, not lose in the semi-finals.”

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