Mrs Hinch shows off plans for her new baby’s nursery but gets cruelly trolled for her ‘disgusting’ wallpaper taste

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MRS HINCH has been cruelly trolled after showcasing plans for her new baby’s nursery.

The cleaning guru, real name Sophie Hinchliffe, revealed that she was expecting her second child on New Year’s Day and is now halfway through her pregnancy.


Mrs Hinch was cruelly trolled for her taste in wallpaper[/caption]

And she and her husband Jamie now have redecorating plans for their new nursery underway, with Sophie sharing some of her ideas on Instagram today.

She revealed that she had purchased several different wallpaper samples online from World of Wallpaper in the nursery.

The haul included a bunny print and two dotty ones, a similar one to Ronnie’s bedroom, as the mum revealed she was trying not to go “too grey.”

Mrs Hinch also showcased some of her paint samples that she picked up from Dulux including Malt Chocolate, Pebble Shore, Natural Wicker, Soft Stone and Just Walnut with Sophie revealing she was leaning towards the latter.


The cleanfluencer showcased her plans for her new baby’s nursery on her Instagram stories[/caption]


But she was told her taste in wallpaper was “disgusting”[/caption]

However, it didn’t take long for one of the cleanfluencer’s fans to stick their oar in.

Sophie popped back onto her Instagram stories where she showcased her blossoming baby bump.

Speaking on camera she said: “Current situation, sitting on my own, eating a microwave meal out of a pot, trying to stick on my false nails for the hundredth time today, and then I get a message from someone called Lisa.

“She said ‘excuse me your wallpaper taste is disgusting’” Sophie adds before bursting out laughing.

“I’m sorry I don’t even know why I’m laughing or why that’s funny, but it’s just come out of nowhere.”


Sophie is halfway through her pregnancy with her second child[/caption]


She announced her pregnancy on New Year’s Day[/caption]

Sophie, 30, and husband Jamie are already parents to Ronnie, who was born in June 2019.

Although she was hesitant to reveal her exact due date, Sophie said in a recent Q&A: “I have less time to go than I have been pregnant now. So I’m further along than some may think”.

Sophie said she is finding out the gender but will reveal that further down the line, “so it can be a lovely surprise for us all”.

And she has already picked two names, depending on whether it’s a boy or a girl.

In other Hinch news, Sophie’s husband is unrecognisable in a resurfaced clip from his reality TV fame.

And Mrs Hinch revealed a genius way to clean your oven rack if you’re short of space.

Plus Mrs Hinch was left ‘crying and shaking’ by the reaction to her pregnancy announcement and teased ‘I’ve got so much to show you all’.

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