No compromise on Clause 6 of the Assam Accord: AASU reacts to Himanta’s comment

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No compromise on Clause 6 of the Assam Accord: AASU reacts to Himanta’s comment

The All Assam Students‘ Union(AASU) on Thursday said there will be no compromise on Clause6 of the Assam Accord, a day after minister Himanta BiswaSarma termed the recommendations of a central panelinapplicable.

Issuing a statement, AASU president Dipanka Kumar Nathand general secretary Sankarjyoti Barua strongly criticisedthe stand of the Assam government led by Chief MinisterSarbananda Sonowal.

”Sonowal has positioned himself at a safe distance andappointed another person to insult the report. This shows hislack of knowledge, inefficiency and escapist mentality. Wewill never forgive Sonowal for his stand,” it said.

The comment from a minister on Wednesday regarding thereport of the committee reflects the ”irresponsible nature” ofSonowal, who has not even read the suggestions, the AASUleaders claimed.

The AASU also criticised Sonowal for not forwardingthe report to the Centre despite promising earlier to do soimmediately.

”The Union Home Minister had promised to implement thereport in letter and spirit within one week of its receipt.

But yesterday’s comment proves that everything was bluff,” therelease said.

Sarma on Wednesday said the government cannotimplement the recommendations of the Centre’s committee onClause-6 of the Assam Accord as those are ”far from legalreality” of this land.

”The recommendations given by the committee are farfrom the legal reality of this land. There are many SupremeCourt judgements which say the report cannot be implemented.

Then how can we implement those?… I think those were notrecommendations, but their (panel’s) expectations only,” hehad said.

This is the first time a senior minister of thegovernment spoke about the recommendations of the report,which was submitted to Sonowal on February 25 last year forhanding it over to the Union Home Minister Amit Shah.

On February 11, Assam Governor Jagdish Mukhi said inAssam Assembly that the state is still examining the Clause-6report, prepared by Justice Biplab Kumar Sarma-led High-LevelCommittee (HLC) of the Union Home Ministry, and has notforwarded it to the Union government for consideration.

With the government ”sitting idle”, the All AssamStudents’ Union (AASU) and Arunachal Pradesh Advocate GeneralNilay Dutta, who were part of the committee, on August 11 lastyear released the confidential report, saying that the publichas the right to know the contents.

As per Clause 6 of the Assam Accord, Constitutional,legislative and administrative safeguards, as may beappropriate, shall be provided to protect, preserve andpromote the culture, social, linguistic identity and heritageof the Assamese people.

The bone of contention since the signing of the Accordon August 15, 1985 has been the definition of Assamese people,which the committee tried to fix as the tribal, indigenous andall other Indian citizens residing within the territory ofAssam as per the First Schedule of the Constitution on orbefore January 1, 1951 along with their descendants.

Reacting to Sarma’s comment, the Congress sought toknow that why Sonowal and Shah have not said anything aboutthe report.

”Why has the chief minister or the Union home ministernot said anything? Why there has been no official intimationon it,” state Congress Spokesperson Bobbeeta Sharma told PTI.


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