RHONJ’s Teresa Giudice gifts pals DILDOS and brother Joe Gorga calls her ex a ‘piece of s**t’ in shocking season trailer

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REAL Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice gifted her pals DILDOS, while her brother, Joe Gorga, called her ex Joe a “piece of s**t” in the shocking season trailer.

The upcoming season of the Bravo show premieres on February 17.

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Teresa Giudice gave the other housewives dildos during the trailer[/caption]

Bravo released the trailer for the upcoming season 11 of RHONJ and fans are going to see a different side of the recently single Teresa.

The trailer kicks off on a more sour note as one of the husbands is being accused of “screwing around.”

With clips of all of the housewives kissing their husbands, Margaret Josephs can be heard saying: “Everyone’s marriage can look absolutely perfect on the outside,” before Melissa Gorga adds: “But guess what? Things aren’t always what they seem.”

“Anyone can be a cheater,” says Dolores Catiana.


There were rumors of infidelity throughout the season[/caption]

“No one really knows what happens behind closed doors,” Margaret shrugs as she talks to producers.

In that moment, Melissa is spotted walking away from an unknown person, saying: “It was all a dream until it wasn’t.”

In another clip, where the husbands and wives are eating and laughing together, Teresa whispers to Margaret, whom she has made up with: “Why do I hear rumors, like when he goes to the gym he screws around?”


Margaret Josephs yells at her husband in front of the other housewives[/caption]

Though it’s unclear who she’s talking about, the camera zooms in on Jackie Goldschneider and her husband, Evan.

Following the rumors, Margaret is then seen crying as she screams at her husband, Joe Benigno, who simply watches her and steps back.

Following the party, it seems that Jackie and Teresa don’t get along anymore as the blonde yells at the OG: “I need you to admit this was a lie!”

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Melissa and Joe Gorga also fight several times[/caption]

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The couple shares three kids[/caption]

Infidelity rumors also reach the Gorga household as Teresa is then seen telling someone on the phone: “Last night, the owner of the restaurant asked Melissa for her number. They’ve been texting all day.”

Joe Gorga then tells his wife, Melissa, as they sit together in an Uber: “Be careful what you say, because I’ll never talk to you again.”

Another hot topic that the show will touch on is Teresa’s dating life after she finalized her divorce from Joe Giudice.


Teresa Giudice will not be bringing her new man into the show[/caption]


Teresa flaunted her single status througout the season[/caption]

After she admits that she went on a date, she tells the other housewives that she wants to get her “peach kissed.”

Surprisingly, in another part of the trailer, Margaret flashes her breast at the housewives while Teresa and Dolores share a kiss as they swap strawberries.

Teresa’s spontaneity reached the point where she even gifted the housewives with sex toys.


Jennifer Aydin’s sobriety is also questioned[/caption]

The trailer quickly takes a darker turn when the housewives insinuate that Jennifer Aydin drinks too much.

“Every time I see her, she’s drinking something,” says Margaret.

“She numbs herself to a lot of her issues,” quickly adds Jackie as producers show Jennifer pouring water over herself and falling on the floor.

Following Jennifer’s alleged drinking issues, Dolores tells the housewives to “go f**k your f**king selves” in an explosive fight, while Jackie screams “stop yelling about me.”


Teresa Giudice also gets yelled at by her brother[/caption]


Joe Gorga slammed his fists when yelling at Teresa[/caption]


He claimed Joe Giudice sent their mom to the grave[/caption]

However, the worst fight of them all seems to be between Joe Gorga and Teresa, who apparently is defending Joe Giudice.

Melissa yells at Teresa: “What are you gonna say now? I should have stuck up for you? That’s f**king bulls**t because you just stuck up for your ex-husband.”

Joe quickly jumps and yells: “My wife is f**king 100 percent right! You’re gonna defend him? F**k that piece of s**t, he put my mother in a f**king grave. Do you understand that?”

Teresa is left in shock as she watches Melissa flip over dinner plates and Joe slam his fists on the dinner table.


Teresa lost her mom in 2017[/caption]

Instagram/Joe Giudice

Joe is currently living in Italy[/caption]

Despite the explosiveness of the trailer, fans won’t get to meet Teresa’s new man, Luis Ruelas, as he won’t be appearing on the show.

An insider told The Sun exclusively: “He has not been on camera. The season wrapped when they were at a place where that would’ve been too early. 

“The show is going to want to get to know him next year.”

The housewife confirmed her relationship with Luis back in November.

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