‘Soho Karen’ Miya Ponsetto snaps ‘that’s enough’ at Gayle King in wild interview and claims she’s ‘super sweet’

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“SOHO Karen” Miya Ponsetto snapped “that’s enough” at Gayle King in a wild Thursday interview and claimed she’s “sweet” after she allegedly attacked a black teen.

The interview took place just hours before Miya Ponsetto, 22, was detained by the Ventura County Sheriff’s Department.


Miya Ponsetto snapped ‘that’s enough’ at Gayle King on Thursday[/caption]


Gayle King interviewed ‘Soho Karen’ on CBS This Morning[/caption]


Ponsetto was arrested just hours after the Thursday interview[/caption]

Her arrest followed a brief car chase in California, law enforcement sources told the NY Daily News.

Before her arrest, Ponsetto sat down for an interview on CBS This Morning with Gayle King wearing a hat emblazoned with the word “Daddy,” glasses, and a black leather jacket.

After just a few minutes of talking about the controversial incident – which took place on December 26 – Ponsetto admitted viral footage shows her attacking a black teen, apologized, and then asked if they could “move on” from it.

Her response prompted King to say: “I know you’re saying that ‘I just want to apologize’ – but I do think that there should be some context to your actions that day. 

Ponsetto then explained: “So basically, I’m a 22 year old girl. – Racism… how is one girl accusing a guy about a phone a crime?”


The woman has been dubbed ‘SoHo Karen,’ a pejorative term for an entitled white woman [/caption]


In the surveillance footage shared by the victim’s family lawyer, she can be seen tackling Keyon Harrold Jr[/caption]

After King laughed and repeated Ponsetto’s name, she urged the California girl to “at least understand her actions.”

King said: “You seem to have attacked this this young boy, this teenager. You seem to have attacked this teenager about the phone. And then it turned out he didn’t even have your phone.

“That’s the thing. I mean, you’re saying, like, ‘I’m 22 years old’.’

“You’re 22 years old, but you are old enough to know better. So I will say…”

Ponsetto then interrupted and said: “Alright Gayle, enough” – while putting her hand out to shush the TV personality.

She then insisted the hotel ended up having her phone and her belongings were later eventually returned to her.


‘Soho Karen’ accused the teen of stealing her phone[/caption]


Crump shared shocking footage on Instagram showing the incident[/caption]

The video then cut to King and her colleagues commenting on Ponsetto’s fiery attitude.

One of her coworkers is heard saying “Wow!” before King admitted that her favorite part of the interview was when Ponsetto said: “Enough.”

King also revealed that she suggested Ponsetto remove her hat for the interview, but the 22-year-old refused.

Towards the end of the interview, Ponsetto also alleged that the victim’s dad assaulted her during the December incident.

Ponsetto said: “At the end of the day, the dad did end up, like – slamming me to the ground and pulling my hair and throwing me and dragging me across the ground – so I will say that.

Hours later, Ponsetto reportedly was “pulled out of her car” by police officers.

“They did use physical force,” Eric Buschow, a spokesman for the sheriff’s department, told the Daily news.

“She tried to slam the door on the leg of one of our deputies and so she was forcibly removed from the vehicle.”

The ex-cheerleader had a warrant out for her arrest after she allegedly dragged Keyon Harrold Jr, 14, to the floor in the lobby of the Arlo Hotel in New York City while falsely claiming that he stole her iPhone on December 26.

Splash News

The ex-cheerleader had a warrant out for her arrest after she allegedly dragged Keyon Harrold Jr, 14, to the floor in the lobby of the Arlo Hotel in NYC[/caption]

The incident was captured on video by the teen’s dad, Grammy-winning jazz musician Keyon Harrold Sr who shared the footage on Instagram.

Minutes after the viral altercation, an Uber driver arrived with her phone, the teenager’s dad said in the post.

The NYPD then released hotel surveillance footage showing the woman, Keyon, Keyon Jr. and another individual standing at the bottom of the stairs in the lobby.

As Keyon Jr walks towards the floor, his alleged attacker lunges at him and grabs his waist as his dad runs after them and they pass through the automatic doors during the tackle.

“On Saturday, December 26, the woman in this video falsely accused an innocent 14-year-old teenager of stealing her cellphone,” police said in a tweet. 

“She then proceeded to physically attack him and fled the location before police officers arrived on scene.”

The footage went viral and the woman later revealed to be Ponsetto, was dubbed on social media as a “Karen,” a pejorative term for an entitled white woman.


Keyron Jr’s dad shared the footage on Instagram which rapidly went viral[/caption]

Getty Images – Getty

Jazz musician Keyron Harrold speaks at the press conference in lower Manhattan on December 30[/caption]

Ponsetto’s lawyer Sharen Ghatan told NY Daily News that she had an in-person meeting with her client earlier on Thursday.

“I have no clue if she’s in custody. I had a difficult day with her. We had an interview lined up, and within 10 to 15 minutes, I realized she was not well, not mentally fit to do any interviews,” Ghatan said.

“So I’m not surprised this has happened, if she’s in custody. I haven’t heard it. She was very much MIA for a while, and when she finally came to the big interview, it was clear to me she shouldn’t be there. I’m concerned for her wellbeing.”

Instagram/Keyon Harrold

Ponsetto is pictured in phone footage from the incident[/caption]

When a New York Post photographer last month approached Ponsetto coming out of a McDonald’s in Fillmore, California, she indicated that she didn’t realize there was an issue.

“I’m actually 22 so I don’t know what the problem is here,” she said when the snapper pointed out how young Keyron Jr is.

“And I’m also Puerto Rican so thank you. Take care of yourself.”

When asked if she regretted what happened after the viral video emerged, Ponsetto replied: “I’m good, thank you. Have a very good day. Take care of yourself.”

Manhattan D.A. Cyrus Vance has since signed off on attempted robbery charges in the December 26 incident, NY Daily News reports.

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