Stacey Solomon hits back at troll after she’s cruelly branded ‘ugly and irritating’

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STACEY Solomon has hit back at a troll after she was cruelly branded “ugly and irritating”.

The Loose Woman star defiantly told them “bringing happiness to even the meanest souls is important” as she danced around her home.


Stacey Solomon hit back at a troll who sent her a cruel message[/caption]

Stacey, 31, shared the troll’s comments with her 4.1 million followers as she relaxed after a shower.

Captioning the snap of herself lying on her bed in a towel, the mum-of-three explained: “Thought I’d read some messages while I was drying and this one has cracked me up so so much.”

The long and detailed message included comments about Stacey’s appearance and her “stupid craft projects”, as well as digs at her boyfriend Joe Swash – who “has to see you every day” and “listen to your nonsense”, adding that’s “he’s not much to write home about himself”.

The troublemaker told Stacey: “You really do boost my confidence just by looking at your humongous teeth, your ugly faces you make constantly and not forgetting the highly irritating personality you have (sic)”.

They added: “You need to get a life and stop doing s**t like dancing whilst cleaning…”


She went on to make a hilarious video where she danced around the house[/caption]


She was lip-syncing to the song I Am What I Am[/caption]


She made faces at the camera and struggled to stay serious[/caption]


The troll had complained about her liking to dance around while cleaning[/caption]

Stacey then had the perfect response to the message and created a montage of herself doing exactly that to I Am What I Am by Gloria Gaynor.

As she lip-synced to the dance anthem, Stacey wrote: “Couldn’t resist. I know how much that person loves these.

“And bringing happiness to even the meanest souls is important.”

Her Instagram stories then included hilarious footage of her prancing around her house doing all the things the troll had moaned about – at one point using the vacuum cleaner pipe as a microphone.

Echoing the words of the song, Stacey wrote: “Life’s not worth a damn till you can say, I am what I am.”

She also added: “No one can make you feel anything without your permission. Don’t give them your permission.”

The telly favourite is well known for sharing her budget DIY hacks with her social media followers.


Stacey clearly had a lot of fun making the video[/caption]


The mum-of-three said it was important to ‘bring happiness’[/caption]

Stacey recently transformed her “gross” carpets by using a £30 home dye kit.

After putting her three boys to bed Stacey decided that she was fed up with her cream coloured carpets and wanted a change of scenery.

The telly favourite got herself a spray gun and filmed herself spritzing the carpet with some navy dye.

She explained to her 4.1million followers: “Thought I’d try and dye my carpets. They’re so gross and beyond repair… so I thought before I buy new carpet I’d give this a go for £30.”

Rex Features

The former singer is a regular host on Loose Women[/caption]

She lives with her three children and fiance Joe Swash

The pair got engaged on Christmas Eve[/caption]

Stacey added: “Even if it comes out awful I’ve had a lot of fun.”

Stacey and Joe started dating in 2016 and got engaged on Christmas Eve, with the beauty blown away by his romantic proposal after he popped the question in the woods across from their home.

The pair share 15-month-old Rex, with Stacey also mum to 12-year-old Zachary and eight-year-old Leighton, and Joe dad to 13-year-old Harry from previous relationships.

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