Teen Mom Briana DeJesus breaks down in tears as she slams ex Devoin for ‘not paying attention’ to daughter Nova, 9

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TEEN Mom 2 star Briana DeJesus broke down in tears as she slammed ex Devoin Austin for “not paying attention” to their nine-year-old daughter Nova.

The 26-year-old made the harsh comments during the second part of the Teen Mom 2 reunion on Tuesday.

Briana slammed Devoin for ‘not paying attention’ to their daughter

The exes share nine-year-old daughter Nova[/caption]

While talking to moderator Dr. Drew, Briana slammed her baby daddy for not equally contributing when it comes to their daughter.

The MTV star said: “He’s not changing. It’s okay for him to count my coins or what I spend my money on or what I do with my money, but it’s not okay for me to mention his.”

She continued: “Why’s it okay for him to have Gucci this, Louis Vuitton this, name brand this, name brand that. But I can’t mention that.

“So why can’t you help me pay half of Nova’s gymnastics bill, but you can walk around all in name brand all the god damn time?”

Briana became visibly angrier as she said: “Why am I going to deprive my child of a f**king childhood because you don’t want to help with Nova’s gymnastics bill?

She broke down in tears as she said Devoin doesn’t equally contribute
Briana argued that Nova is not Devoin’s ‘focus’

“I’m making sure that my child is focused, so I want my daughter to have a good life and all I’m asking from Devoin is to help me with gymnastics.

“He’s asking for more responsibility, but then when I give it to him he can’t take it. And that’s not fair.”

The mother-of-two then began to cry before adding that Devoin doesn’t spend quality time with Nova, as the nine-year-old has texted her that Devoin “isn’t paying attention” and is “on his video game.”


Briana claimed that Devoin doesn’t spend quality time with their daughter[/caption]


Dr. Drew said Devoin had ‘a point’ during the argument last week[/caption]

Briana continued: “Do you really want to be a parent or is it just for show? Because at this point I just don’t understand.”

The MTV star added through tears: “I’m always working just to keep everybody afloat. I take care of everybody. And who the f**k takes care of me? Who helps me?”

The argument began during last week’s first part of the Teen Mom 2 reunion, in which Briana stormed off stage when Dr. Drew sided with Devoin over the co-parents’ child support fight.


Briana stormed out during the first part of the reunion[/caption]

After Devoin, 28, argued that Brianna should pay more for their daughter because she makes more money, Dr. Drew said he had “a point.”

Briana responded by taking off her microphone and exiting the room as she said: “I’m done here. I don’t want to finish this conversation. I want to go home. I’m going home.”

In addition to Nova, Briana also shares three-year-old daughter Stella with ex Luis Hernandez.


She is also the mother to three-year-old daughter Stella[/caption]

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