Teen Mom Cheyenne Floyd continues to fuel pregnancy rumors as she appears to hide a ‘baby bump’ in baggy white top

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TEEN Mom Cheyenne Floyd has continued to fuel pregnancy rumors as this time she appeared to hide her “baby bump” under a baggy white top.

The MTV star is already a mother of one to daughter Ryder, three, whom she shares with ex Cory Wharton.

Diego Canseco

Photographer Diego Canseco captured Cheyenne and her friends promoting their new podcast[/caption]

The 28-year-old took to Instagram to share a photo alongside her two friends in order to promote their upcoming podcast ThinkLoudCrew.

She captioned: We are 3 Moms • R, Shanan, and Cheyenne. We have known each other since we could talk and even had similar upbringings, however, it’s our varied experiences that bring us together as we are figuring out this thing called life.

“Get to know us on our first episode, where we will introduce ourselves.

“We want to get personal & no questions are off the table! What is something you want us to dive into and share?

“What are you burning to know? It’s time for you to THINK LOUD & get personal with the CREW!! #ThinkLoudCrew.”

Diego Canseco

The girls called the new venture ‘ThinkLoudCrew’[/caption]

Diego Canseco

The mom of one wore a baggy white shirt, leading fans to believe she was hiding her baby bump[/caption]

In the photo, the MTV star wears a long-sleeved white polka dot blouse that has a baggy A-line bottom, hiding her figure.

This photo only adds to the growing suspicion that the Teen Mom star is once again pregnant.

Fans have been on the constant lookout for proof that Cheyenne is welcoming her second baby, and rumors have been frequently fueled of late.

Most recently, the podcast host shared a selfie-style video showing off a huge baggy purple poncho that covered her stomach once again.


The reality star wore a huge purple poncho, which fans attribute to trying to hide her pregnancy[/caption]


She showed off the front of the hoodie and mentioned the fact that it had ‘multiple pockets’ [/caption]

She posted the clips on her Instagram stories, seemingly covering her developing bump while raving about the “multiple pockets” on the garment.

More drama ensued once Ryder’s father, Cory, uploaded an unflattering video of Cheyenne wearing a white t-shirt and gray sweatpants on another occasion.

In the clip, fans claimed her baby belly was showing, and for unknown reasons, Cory quickly deleted it after posting.

Fans were quick to respond, however, one saying: “Girl, we all see that belly” while many others added that they think she is “definitely pregnant.”

Teen Mom Shaderoom/Instagram

Cheyenne’s ex Cory shared this video of his baby mama[/caption]

Teen Mom Shaderoom/Instagram

Fans believed Cheyenne looked pregnant, and the clip was quickly deleted[/caption]

Fans are hopeful for a new baby

The gossip first began as the MTV star celebrated her 28th birthday last month alongside her current boyfriend Zach Davis.

The young mom drank sparkling grape juice rather than champagne, leading fans to speculate about her potential new baby.

Some fans are assured that she is bearing a child, one saying: “She pregnant” while others shared their good wishes saying: “Omg I hope so! they would be so cute.”

A few weeks after the birthday celebration, lurking fans seemed to have found an alleged baby registry for Cheyenne and Zach’s child.


The young mom had a lavish birthday celebration[/caption]


The star drank only sparkling grape juice during her birthday, adding to the speculations[/caption]

A fan eagerly captured the registry before it was deleted

The page was deleted, but not before someone captured a screenshot and noted that the couple had added 49 gift ideas for their new little one.

The Buy Buy Baby registry also divulged that their child is due in June of 2021.

The MTV star got her start on the station’s Are You The One? from where she was featured on The Challenge: Rivals 3.

Her second television appearance was where she met her ex Cory, resulting in their daughter and her addition to Teen Mom.


Cheyenne has been featured on three MTV originals[/caption]

Refer to Caption

She shares Ryder with ex Cory[/caption]


Fans hope that she will have a child with current boyfriend Zach[/caption]

After Cheyenne and Cory broke up, the mom of one met her current boyfriend Zach in 2018.

Zach appeared on several episodes on Teen Mom around that time, but the couple then split.

According to the posts from Cheyenne’s birthday, it is clear the couple is back and better than ever and fans are delighted.

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