Teen Mom Farrah Abraham’s mother Debra ‘Debz OG’ insists she did NOT split from husband Dr David despite fan speculation

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DEBRA Danielson and her husband Dr David are still going strong, as she calls him her “perfect match” despite their rumored split.

The Teen Mom star has spent months promoting her blossoming rap career and has shared very few photos with her man.

Instagram/Debra Danielsen

Debra and her husband are still married[/caption]

Debra, 63, exclusively told The Sun that her husband has helped her “heal” from past relationships that she claims were “dysfunctional.”

Despite some fan’s assumptions that they split based on the subject matter of her recent music releases, the reality star insisted: “We are doing awesome.”

“The album is about my dating/fiancé journey,” she explained, in lieu of her coming release.

“My husband is the perfect match for me to heal and realize how dysfunctional these others were.”

Instagram/Debra Danielsen

She revealed that her upcoming rap album will be about her marriage[/caption]

Instagram/Debra Danielsen

The couple tied the knot in 2017[/caption]

“On 4/20 my song ‘In Love With Me’ is like my most favorite song about my journey,” she confessed.

“It is me all the way. I expect many will relate to the lyrics and find healing and empowerment to love themselves and and not to blame their situation on themselves.”

Fans recently took to Reddit to speculate about Deb’s relationship, as some believed they were “not together” anymore.

“Her new ~music~ seems to point to them not being together anymore. Anyone have the tea? Did even that creep have a limit?” one inquired.


Some fans believed Deb’s music to hint at single life[/caption]


Farrah did not approve of Dr David at first[/caption]

However, the couple seems to be thriving, despite Deb’s daughter and Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham‘s reservations about the new beau.

Deb and Dr David tied the knot in November of 2017, and just months later in an episode of Teen Mom OG, Farrah shared a tense moment with her new step-father.

The board-certified internist scolded the MTV star for channeling negativity towards her mother, which caused her to storm out of the room in tears.

The young mom’s on and off again boyfriend Simon Saran also spread a rumor that Dr David hit on Farrah before moving on to her mother, though it has not been confirmed.


A rumor spread that Dr David went after Farrah before her mother[/caption]


Deb is actively pursuing her rap career[/caption]

Debra has been heavily focused on her developing rap career, sharing a number of racy videos promoting her music to social media.

The TV personality recently took to Instagram to model a revealing leather tank top with zipper detail and iridescent lace-up pants.

The grandmother was very clearly not wearing underwear in the getup, as she told her followers: “They tie up at the front, and you can adjust them if you’re having a bad. It works great.

“Then the top is leather, it’s a halter top. As you can see, back out, love it. And I love how it sits at the waist.”


She modeled a revealing outfit while promoting her music[/caption]


Deb has defended her music against the haters[/caption]

Earlier in March, Deb defended her hip hop career against trolls who made fun of her online.

After sharing a clip from her controversial “White Woman’s Rap” music video, she thanked her fans for their encouragement.

“Just wanted to THANK all my fans for the support and encouragement from my summer single ‘White Woman’s Rap!’

“We are at nearly 130K views on YouTube! I appreciate you all so much, and if you haven’t seen the full video yet, you can check it on my bio link! #debradanielsen.”

Many disgruntled followers took to the comments to share their distaste, one slamming: “Might not be a bad idea to get a psychiatric evaluation.”

“I think anyone not supportive of female empowerment and positive body image should,” Deb replied.

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