Teen Mom Jenelle Evans urges fans to ‘keep in touch with their loved ones’ after reuniting with her mom following feud

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TEEN Mom 2 alum Jenelle Evans urged fans to “keep in touch with their loved ones” in a new Instagram post.

The message comes after she reunited with her mother Barbara following their feud.

Instagram / @j_evans1219

Jenelle urged fans to ‘keep in touch with your loved ones as much as possible’[/caption]


The message comes after she reunited with her mother following their feud[/caption]

On Saturday, Jenelle shared a message with her fans in a series of Instagram Story posts.

Written on top of a backdrop of clouds, one text post read: “I want to thank all of you for showing my mom some love on the Christmas photos.

“She’s been having such a rough week because my uncle, her brother, recently passed away.

“Thanks for the positivity. It’s much needed.”

A following text post read: “With that being said, please don’t let years pass before you decide to visit family.

Instagram / @j_evans1219

She added that her mother has been going through a difficult time recently[/caption]

Barbara was included in the recent family photos

“I know there’s a virus going around, but you don’t want to regret the time spent away from them if something goes wrong.”

The message concluded: “Keep in touch with your loved ones as much as possible.”

The post comes just one day after the Teen Mom 2 star shared family holiday photos that featured Barbara.

Jenelle, 28, took to Instagram to share various photos, including snap of her mother and kids.

In the snaps, Barbara was embraced by the MTV star’s kids: Jace, 11, Kaiser, six, and Ensley, three, as well as husband David Eason’s daughter, Maryssa, from a previous relationship.

One photo showed Barb embracing her grandchildren

Jenelle also shared a photo with her husband and kids[/caption]

Jenelle captioned the post: “When you tell your mom to come take #ChristmasPhotos and she shows up in this sweater. ❤😂.

“Love it! #ChristmasSpirit award goes to @barbara0230!”

Barbara also shared the photos on her own Instagram account, which she captioned: “Happy Holidays.”

The sweet family photos come after years of drama between Jenelle and Barbara, which hit an all time high when she disagreed with her daughter’s decision to marry David.


Jenelle and Barb have been open about their problems in the past[/caption]

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Barb has been open about not liking Jenelle’s husband David[/caption]

Barbara previously told Radar Online: “I think once he puts that ring on her finger, he’s going to have so much control over her.

“She’s going to be choked to where she won’t be able to breathe. He’ll have so much control, more so than he does now.”

She added: “This is a Jenelle I’ve never seen. Someday it’s going to bite her in the a** to do this to me. It’s heartwrenching to me.”

Barb wasn’t invited to Jenelle and David’s wedding

They have both been public about their drama, as Jenelle once tweeted about her mom: “Relationship with my mom. Makes things very clear to me now why I have so much bad thoughts about the way I was raised. I was very unhappy.”

Viewers of Teen Mom 2 saw plenty of instances where Jenelle and Barbara would lash out at each other for various issues, including Jenelle’s boyfriends and her son Jace.

Barbara is the primary caretaker for Jace, as the two have also had their ups and downs regarding custody in the past.

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The mother-daughter duo seem to be in a much better place[/caption]

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