The View’s Meghan McCain says ‘what a year this week has been’ as cohosts struggle to ‘clear the air’

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THE View’s Meghan McCain said “what a year this week has been” as her cohosts have struggled to “clear the air.”

The presenter, 36, took to Instagram to confide in her followers about her rough start to the year as it’s been reported there have been tensions between the panelists.

The View hosts are reportedly having a hard time 'clearing the air' after Meghan McCain returned to the show from her maternity leave
The View’s Meghan McCain has had a rough time of late

Meghan let her fans know just how fed up she was over the past week.

She wrote on her Instastories: “What a year this week has been.”

It comes as it is said the cast have reportedly struggled to “clear the air” since the conservative commenter returned to the show from her maternity leave.

Sources revealed the strained relationships were in part due to working remotely due to Covid 19 restrictions.

Meghan told her Instagram followers how hard it has been
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She addressed her followers on Instagram[/caption]

According to sources, cracks have begun to appear in their relationships.

Insiders from popular talk show told E! News: “There has always been a sense of family behind the scenes at The View, but it has been harder to maintain that camaraderie amongst the show’s hosts while producing the show remotely.”

The source went on of the show’s pre-pandemic dynamics: “The women typically start their mornings together in hair and make-up before passionately sharing their opinions.

Sources revealed the strained relationships are in part due to the remote production
Sources said the ‘strained relationships’ were due to them working remotely
Insiders said the show's sense of 'family' is hard to maintain while production is remote
Whoopi Goldberg is a fan favorite on the show

“Then once the show goes off the air, the panelists all walk off set together, and there is almost always a post-show meeting—allowing the hosts to smooth over any tension that may have bubbled over during the day’s episode.”

But according to insiders since the lockdown, this all has changed divulging: “With the show now shooting remotely, the hosts are no longer having the opportunity to clear the air after the episode. They just turn their cameras off and continue their day.”

Earlier this week, Whoopi Goldberg went after Meghan on the show during an interview with the Georgia senator-elect Reverend Raphael Warnock
The ladies were interviewing Senator-elect Reverend Raphael Warnock when chaos erupted

The source added Meghan and Joy [Behar] “have never been friends.”

The insider noted: “They have had a cordial working relationship, but that has become much more difficult to maintain while not being in the same area.”

However, the source added viewers should not expect a cast shakeup sharing: “The show’s ratings are doing very well so showrunners aren’t exactly looking to change up the dynamic… even if emotions are running high.”

Insiders added viewers should not expect a cast shakeup
Joy Behar snapped at Meghan during the exchange

Earlier this week, Whoopi Goldberg went after Meghan on the show during an interview with the Georgia senator-elect Reverend Raphael Warnock.

When Reverend Raphael made a closing statement ending with: “So that their voice can be heard in their democracy,” Meghan replied: “Senator I understand that, I’m just asking you a direct question…”

That’s when Whoopi snapped: “HEY, LISTEN!” before thanking the Reverend for his time on the show.

She said: “We’re going to say thanks to the Senator-elect Reverend Raphael Warnock and we will be right back. Thank you for coming back sir.”

Also, this week, Meghan interrupted Joy who fired back: “Excuse me! I was speaking!”


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