TikTokers clean garbage disposals using ice and hot water in easy tip – and users are shocked at the gunk that comes out

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TIKTOKERs are cleaning their garbage disposals in their sink using ice and hot water in an easy tip.

Users were left shocked at one video that showed the brown gunk that came up from the drain – but it quickly went away and left the disposal running smoothly.


A Tiktoker shared a hack to clean your sink’s garbage disposal[/caption]


The hack uses just ice and hot water – and cleans the disposal [/caption]

TikToker @aahvee56 shared the clip showing him cleaning his sink.

The clip used audio from user @dm3lt, who first shared the tip.

“Shove a bunch of ice down into your garbage disposal,” the audio instructed.

The video showed the garbage disposal chopping the ice as the user, whose name is Anthony, pushed it down the drain.

“Then while it’s running, you turn on the hot water,” the video said.

After the hot water began running over the ice and down the drain, brown murky water pooled in the sink.


The video says to put ice in the sink and push it into the drain and run the garbage disposal[/caption]


After running hot water in the sink and keeping the disposal on, murky water flooded up from the drain[/caption]

A few seconds later, however, the water quickly went down – as the disposal began to unclog and run clearly.

The leftover ice then went down the drain, leaving the disposal and sink clean.

“A plumber told me to do this,” one user commented,” noting the advice parallels experts’.

One user said “I got this for myself now.”


Users were impressed by how much it cleaned the drain after the simple steps[/caption]

Some users suggested other tips to help with the smell and cleaning – including using sliced lemons or limes and baking soda.

Other users urged caution in pushing the ice down the sink with the disposal running – so people would not cut themselves.

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