Twitter Is NOT Happy With Addison Rae & Jimmy Fallon Over Their TikTok Copycat Dance Segment!

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TikTok sensation Addison Rae appeared on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon back on Friday night to kick off this past weekend, and… it went about as badly as it could have possibly gone.

Kourtney Kardashian‘s 20-year-old newfound-BFF performed a series of TikTok-inspired dance moves with Jimmy as part of her time on the show, introducing her talent to the larger world through the late-night TV setting.

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But it didn’t go quite as planned!

Or, at least, the social media audience didn’t react quite as strongly as they probably hoped!

But first, the performance.

Here, you can see the 20-year-old perform a series of TikTok dances as Fallon uses poster board to call each one out in a row (below):

That was… something, all right.

But what’s the controversy about, anyways?!

Well, watch this (below), and see why Twitter users are PISSED that Rae is the one getting national TV credit for these performances despite it being very clear that Black creators originated and first spread the moves on the social media network:


She straight up lifted every move!

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TBH, it has a lot of the same energy as this (below):


And fans were NOT kind about it on social media, either!

Twitter users slammed the Lafayette, Louisiana native for what’s at best some pretty wild cultural appropriation, and at worst straight-up theft (below):

“stop letting white mediocracy get onto these shows & steal credit from Black creators + dancers. hope this sheds light on how terrible and untalented these tiktok girls really are, stop giving them attention!”

“how she not even gonna learn the dance she colonizing”

“Stole her whole f**king flow. word for word, bar for bar”

“I don’t know how to explain it but it’s like she’s dancing in lowercase”

“I lowkey see why Addison and Kourtney are friends now.. both lack energy”

“If she auditioned to dance with these folks she wouldn’t even make the cut yet here she is on a national stage *sigh*”


And YouTube was equally as unkind, with the commenters over there slamming Rae’s act for what they viewed as the sin of unoriginality and lack of talent:

“i respect the fact they chose to do this without saying a single word while staring into our souls”

“I don’t even need to be middle aged to cringe at this”

“We won’t cringe at this ten year later we already do now”

“How come you weren’t able to do this with the original creators of all of these dances instead of subjecting us to this watered down mess?”

Amen to that last one, especially!

Even The View‘s Sunny Hostin was keen to call out Jimmy not once but twice for promoting Addison Rae instead of the Black creators that invented the dance moves!

The on-air personality first wrote on Saturday (below):

And then followed up on Monday:


Nice to see at least some celebrities agree with this take on Rae’s rise to fame!

What about U, Perezcious readers?? Are U mad Addison Rae is getting all the national credit while Black creators toil in anonymity?? Or do U think it’s no big deal that she’s grabbed the TikTok crazy and is running with it??

Sound OFF down in the comments (below)…

[Image via The Tonight Show/YouTube]

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