What happened to Roddy Ricch?

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RODDY Ricch became one of the hottest stars in rap and hip hop after the release of his single The Box in 2020.

The 22-year-old was out making a music video for another track, but things took a drastic turn.

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Two men were shot on the set of Roddy Rich’s music video[/caption]

What happened to Roddy Ricch?

During the making of a music video, which also featured rapper 42 Dugg, two men were shot and another man injured.

He was hurt by debris as terrified crew and bystanders took cover on the Atlanta steelyard set.

Witness Teresa Lakes, who was working on the set as medic to take temperatures and screen anyone who entered for Covid, told the station about the panic that ensued after shots rang out.

She recalled: “Everyone started running, trying to get out. Or take cover, lot of places to take cover in there. Anyone that was injured, I laid hands on ‘em to make sure they were OK. Just glad it wasn’t a lot worse then it could have been…could have been worse.”

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The artist was shooting a video with fellow rapper 42 Dugg[/caption]

Was 42 Dugg shot?

Dugg (Dion Hayes), 26, appeared to confirm that neither he or Roddy (Rodrick Moore Jr.) were hurt and were not on the set at the time of the shooting.

He went on Instagram Live with Lil Baby and definitively stated: “Y’all stop with that fake s***, man. We ain’t been around no gun shooting, none of that.”

This is not the first time Roddy has been close to violence concerning his music, as three people were stabbed when violence erupted at a gig in London in 2019.

This new project marks the second time the rappers have worked together, as they previously collaborated on the single Grace in 2020, which peaked in the top 50 on the Hot 100 list.


Cops say they responded to shots fired at the steelyard on Wells Street in Atlanta[/caption]

What have Atlanta Police said?

Cops say they responded to shots fired at the yard on Wells Street in the southwest of the city around 4 pm, WSB reports.

Police say the men shot, named Antoine Blake, 25, and Vernon Moulder, 29, drove themselves to Grady Memorial Hospital, though their condition is currently unknown.

The third man who received injuries was treated by paramedics.

WSB also reports that one man was seen being put into the back of a police car while a 40-year-old man was arrested for drug possession but is not a shooting suspect.

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