Who is death row inmate Lisa Montgomery’s husband Kevin?

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‘WOMB Raider’ Lisa Montgomery is set to be the first female to be executed in almost 70 years.

Montgomery killed Bobbie Jo Stinnett on December 16, 2004 by cutting the baby from Stinnett’s womb, then kept the child as her own.


‘Womb raider’ Lisa Montgomery[/caption]

Who is Lisa Montgomery’s husband Kevin?

Kevin is the husband of convicted killer Lisa Montgomery, whom he married in 2000.

According to written statement provided in Montgomery’s trail, Kevin arrived home from work in Melvern, Kansas and got a call from Montgomery.

Montgomery, who previously told her husband and others she was pregnant, told her husband that she was shopping in Topeka when she went into labor and delivered a baby at a birthing center there.


Kevin Montgomery[/caption]


Lisa Montgomery is set to be executed on January 12, 2021[/caption]

Kevin said he drove his two step-children to Topeka and met his wife and the baby, who was later named Victoria Jo Stinnett by her father.

Montgomery and the baby were inside her red Toyota Corolla, in a parking lot of a Long John Silver’s restaurant..

The five then returned to their home in Melvern, with the baby riding in the car.

Kevin and his wife had breakfast the next morning at a local café, where they showed off the baby girl dressed in a pink bonnet, the owner Kathy Sage later told The Capital-Journal.

The couple introduced the baby as “Abigail,” Sage said.

On December 17, 2004, Montgomery was arrested at her farmhouse in Melvern, and claimed the newborn was hers.

Authorities questioned Kevin, but concluded he wasn’t involved or aware of his wife’s crime.

“The only thing I can think of is she wanted a baby so bad,” Kevin said about Montgomery at the time.

“I didn’t even get to say goodbye.”

Kevin remains married to Montgomery and supports her bid for clemency, he said in a statement issued by her attorneys to the Capital-Journal.

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Lisa Montgomery killed Bobbie Jo Stinnett on December 16, 2004, and cut Stinnett’s baby from her womb[/caption]

When is Lisa Montgomery due to be executed?

Lisa Montgomery is due to be executed on January 12, 2021 – days before Joe Biden, an opponent of the death penalty, takes office as the next president of the United States.

Montgomery is one of three federal inmates scheduled to die that week.

Cory Johnson and Dustin Higgs are scheduled to be put to death on January 14 and 15.

Biden’s inauguration is taking place on January 20.

The Justice Department has resumed executions in summer 2020 after they were stopped for 17 years.

Eight people have been executed since July.

AP:Associated Press

Montgomery will be executed by the state at US Penitentiary Terre Haute in Indiana[/caption]

Where will the execution take place?

Justice Department officials said Montgomery will be executed by the state at US Penitentiary Terre Haute in Indiana.

She is the only woman on federal death row in the state.

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