Who was Bobbie Jo Stinnett’s husband Zeb?

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ZEB Stinnett was the husband of the brutally murdered Bobbie Jo Stinnett and the father of their daughter Victoria Jo, who survived the attack.

Killer Lisa Montgomery is the first woman to face the death penalty in 70 years for her heinous crime.

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Zeb Stinnett with daughter Victoria Jo[/caption]

What happened to Bobbie Jo Stinnett?

Lisa Montgomery fatally strangled Bobbie Jo Stinnett, cut open her body, and kidnapped her baby Victoria.

In December 2004, Montgomery drove from her home in Kansas to Bobbie Jo’s home in Missouri, purportedly to purchase a puppy.

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Bobbie Jo Stinnett is shown in this 2000 yearbook picture from Nodaway-Holt Junior-Senior High[/caption]

Montgomery – who was pretending to be pregnant – had contacted Bobbie Jo about her rat terriers being sold on the internet.

Once inside her victim’s home, Montgomery attacked and strangled Stinnett – who was eight months pregnant – until the mom-to-be lost consciousness.

Using a kitchen knife, Montgomery then cut into Stinnett’s abdomen, causing her to regain consciousness.

Lisa Montgomery, 43, choked her victim, Bobbie Jo Stinnett, 23, with a rope before using a carving knife to take out a fetus from the womb

A struggle ensued, and Montgomery strangled Stinnett to death.

Montgomery then removed the baby from Stinnett’s body, kidnapped the infant, and tried to pass her off as her own to family and friends.

Who was Bobbie Jo Stinnett’s husband Zeb?

Before dog breeder Bobbie Jo Stinnett was murdered at the age of 23, she had been looking forward to welcoming the birth of her first baby with her husband Zeb Stinnett.

She and Victoria Jo’s smitten dad were childhood sweethearts.

A 2005 New York Post story explains that the couple had been dreaming of trading their small rental cottage for a new home to raise their child.

In the days after his wife’s murder Zeb reportedly went into seclusion, with the Rev Harold Hamon of Skidmore Christian church telling reporters that the family was, ” devastated, they’re withdrawn.”


Zeb was reunited with Victoria Jo in 2004[/caption]

After a reunion with his kidnapped daughter in December 2004, Zeb Stinnett said: “It’s been emotional.

“But, I just look at [the baby], pick her up and that usually does it.”

Zeb, then aged 24, named her Victoria Jo, and dubbed her a “miracle”

What was Lisa Montgomery sentenced with?

In October 2007, a jury in the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Missouri found Montgomery guilty of federal kidnapping resulting in death, and unanimously recommended a death sentence, which the court imposed.

Her conviction and sentence were affirmed on appeal, and her request for collateral relief was rejected by every court that considered it.


Lisa Montgomery is pictured in the federal execution chamber at the US Penitentiary in Terre Haute, Indian, USA[/caption]

The killer was scheduled to be executed by lethal injection on December 8, 2020, at U.S. Penitentiary Terre Haute, Indiana.

The 52-year-old’s execution date was moved to January 12, after her attorneys contracted coronavirus while working on her case.

The condemned woman is fighting to block her transfer to a male prison for execution.


Montgomery is the first woman to be federally executed in 70 years[/caption]

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