Why has JP Hooper star Tobi Bakare left Death In Paradise?

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AFTER seven happy years solving crime in paradise, JP Hooper is saying goodbye to the island of Saint Marie.

Fans were sad to see Death In Paradise’s Hooper, played by Tobi Bakare, leave the show. Bakare has explained the reason behind his exit – and it might shock some of you.

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JP Hooper is saying goodbye to the island of Saint Marie[/caption]

Why has JP Hooper star Tobi Bakare left Death In Paradise?

Tobi Bakare’s reasoning for leaving the show might be very different from the answer people might expect.

Bakare told Radio Times that although the filming location in Guadaloupe presented challenges for his life with his three young children, that was not the only reason he quit.

He said: “The media answer is: I’ve been on the show for quite a while, and there’s an exploration of what’s to happen next in my career.

“And not just that – you know, my daughter’s going into school.”

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Bakare said a preacher in a Guadeloupian church inspired his decision to leave the show[/caption]

Tobi, who is married in real life to Prisca who took over the role of his on-screen wife Rosey in series ten, admitted that travelling wasn’t the reason why he quit.

He added: “If another project came up and required me to travel – for me and my wife to travel – we’d weigh it up.

“So I wouldn’t want to lie to anyone and say that’s the reason why we’re going to stay in the UK.”

Instead, Bakare, who is a Christian, has a more spiritual reason behind his exit. He said a preacher in a Guadeloupian church inspired his decision.

Bakare said: “I’m a Christian. And actually, something happened in season seven. I was in a church in Guadeloupe.

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JP made his debut in season four[/caption]

“The preacher mentioned seven years in a message. As soon as he mentioned seven years, I don’t know what happened. It just clicked.

“It was like a moment of realisation. I had three more years left. It was three more years until it would be seven years, but it just hit me so hard.

“At this time, my wife was in the UK, and I told her that I know when it’s going to be time for me to leave the show. But I wanted her to go away, pray about it, and think about it.

“She’d done so, and called me up the next day, and said, ‘2020’. So the exact time of the seven years. So we were like, ‘Yeah, that’s the time.’ That’s the actual reason.”

When did JP Hooper leave Death In Paradise?

Officer Jean-Pierre “JP” Hooper made his Death In Paradise debut in season four.

So Death In Paradise fans were shocked when Hooper, a show favourite, announced he would be leaving the Saint Marie police force. 

In the penultimate episode of season ten, Hooper was offered a new job as Head of the Police Training Programme.

He made the difficult decision to accept the job, meaning he had to relocate his young family from the island.

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Death In Paradise shared the news of Bakare’s exit on their Twitter page[/caption]

Death In Paradise shared the news on their Twitter page, in the form of a message from Tobi Bakare himself.

In the announcement, Tobi told fans: “Hi everybody. So yeah, it’s time that JP left the building

“I want to thank you all for being such a great support to myself and to the character.

“He’s been a pleasure to play and to entertain all of your guys with.

“I hope that he’s etched in you guys’ memories as he will be etched in mine.”

Bakare continued: “Think of how he started the show, so wide-eyed and insecure but now he’s a mentor!

“Yeah, it’s been amazing. But yes, ultimately thank you guys and I want to thank all the team, the cast, the crew, the executive producers, Tim, Tony, Belinda, Alex, you guys have been absolutely phenomenal to me and I hope to work with you guys in the future.”

 “God bless you guys and yes till we meet again!”

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