Yadav accuses UP CM of speaking lies in assembly over procurement of crops on MSP

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Yadav accuses UP CM of speaking lies in assembly over procurement of crops on MSP

Samajwadi Party chief Akhilesh Yadav on Saturday accused Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath of telling lies to the state assembly on the procurement of farmers’ crops at minimum support price in the state and demanded its details.

Yadav also objected to the chief minister’s language for allegedly using the Hindi word “dalal”, meaning middleman, on the floor of the house and went on to declare him an outsider.

Accusing the chief minister of speaking lies in the assembly, Yadav doubted if any farmer’s paddy crop was procured on the minimum support price in Uttar Pradesh and sought details of the crops procured on the MSP.

“I want to know from him if farmers from any of the districts, including, Gorakhpur, Maharajganj, Kushinagar, Deoria, Sant Kabir Nagar, Basti, Gonda and Faizabad, are getting the MSP. Which district has got it?” Yadav asked.

“We want to know how many farmers have got how much of the MSP,” the former chief minister demanded to know.

“He (the CM) said middlemen are not able to digest farmers’ well- being. Such deception! Such a lie! Can anyone speak such lies in the House?” asked Yadav.

Objecting to the alleged use of the word “dalal”, Yadav declared Adityanath an outsider for Uttar Pradesh and said, “Can anyone imagine that the person whom the people of UP accepted as their chief minister is not of UP?” Yadav asked.

”He should thank the people of UP who accepted him but see his language,” Yadav said.

”As far as the language of our chief minister is concerned, I would say he speaks less on development. If he speaks on development, it will be more beneficial for the state,” said the SP chief.

During his press conference, Yadav also sought to give credit to his government for starting road building and sugar mills in the state.

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