Young Thug Helped Snap Dogg in Laser Eye Surgery Process

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It’s safe to say Snap Dogg is in better spirits after reportedly receiving laser eye surgery to correct his vision. In a video posted to his Instagram post-surgery, the rapper shoutouts all his fans, haters, and Young Thug for helping him get the job done.

“I can f*ckin’ see now!” Snap Dogg said in the video. “See all you hatin’ ass nggas and you ugly ass hoes, too now. I wanna give a big shout out to my muthafckin’ brotha Thug, man, I appreciate you doing this sh*t for me, man. You got me right, man.”

Along with his new vision, the rapper could have possibly found a new confidence. During the video, the rapper was so excited that he stuck his head out of the car window, in an attempt to holler at a woman he saw. “Whatsup girl, I can see now, I see that a**,” he yelled out the window.

“N*gga, I don’t know how to act. I can see! I’m seeing everything!… Shout out to my brotha Thug, man. I appreciate you. It’s on,” the rapper finished. 

It’s nice to see brothers in the industry help eachother out, we love to see it!Stay tuned to see what Snap Dogg has in store for 2021.

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